Wedding Theme Ideas

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Having the right theme to suit you as a couple will really pull your ideas together and give your whole wedding a unified feel. From the table settings and the favours to the flowers and bridesmaids dresses, there are literally thousands of themes suitable for your wedding and I promise there really is something for everyone. The theme you go for should reflect your personality as a couple, so take a few minutes to really think about who you are and what image you would like to come across on your wedding day. Let’s get you started by narrowing things down:

Questions to ask yourself……

What do you and your fiancé do when you have free time together? Do you go to modern art galleries or garden centres?

Do you scour magazines for the latest fashions or mix and match your wardrobe with an eclectic style?

How is your home decorated? Is it sleek, modern and minimalist or cosy, cluttered country cottage?

When you go out to eat, do you like the latest fusion cooking or fish and chips wrapped in paper on windy seashore?

Once you have narrowed down the kinds of things you like, you will feel much more comfortable with the choices you have to make.


A Traditional Wedding– This is the wedding that almost everybody is familiar with. The white dress, the church (synagogue, etc.), the white iced three tier cake and a traditional sit down wedding breakfast with toasts and speeches. We’ve all been to one and they can be fantastic as everyone knows what to expect. My tip is to use a traditional wedding as your framework and include only the bits you want. Remember the more elements you include, the higher the cost.

Once you have taken the components you want to include from a traditional wedding set up, the world of themes opens up. Here are a few to have a look at, but remember the possibilities only stop at the limits of your imagination.



Colour is perhaps the most obvious. Choosing a colour means that most of your decisions are made for you, which is always a bonus! Do not underestimate the power that colour has to completely change the mood of a room. A simple black and white theme is incredibly striking but at the same time creates a sleek and glamorous look. A pink theme is great fun, really girly and can look amazing but it’s definitely one to run past the menfolk before you order one hundred and fifty seat covers with matching balloons!

You can take your colour theme and run with it so that the groom’s tie matches the bridesmaid’s shoes, the table runners and the favour bags or you can take certain elements of your wedding and tie them in with your chosen colour.


Vintage Wedding Theme

Possibly the simplest and most effective wedding theme, the rustic/vintage look has become more and more popular with each passing year and coupled with an ‘English country’ theme, it is the easiest to pull off on either a tight budget, or on one where expense is no object. This is because all the expensive things like favours and centrepieces can be made to capture the right look and feel without breaking the bank. The idea is to think about unexpected sources for your extras and not to just go straight to a wedding website and go mad ‘ordering now’.

Seaside Wedding Theme

diy wedding

Do you love the beach?  This is a fantastic theme and really cheap and easy to do. Like the rustic wedding theme, so many things can be made by you and money can be saved at almost every turn. Again, look for things that you can use that are given free by nature, like shells and driftwood. (Learn how to make this great DIY seaside wedding centrepiece here)

Tea Party Wedding Theme

Hot Air Balloon Flowers. Ok, so this one is a tiny bit time consuming but so worth it and really quite easy to do !

This is the most cost effective option and is perfect for a low key or intimate wedding with only a few guests who don’t expect a big meal. It is just the thing for a late afternoon wedding in the summer where you can hint at the style of ‘days gone by’ with a really relaxed atmosphere. All you will need are some tables with white table cloths, chairs, small centrepieces in pretty vintage containers and some delicious cakes and sandwiches arranged on decorative cake stands. In its simplest form, this theme can be really effective but you could also go to town with it by filling the place with flowers! (Learn how to make the DIY wedding hot air balloon centrepiece here)


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