DIY Wedding Decor

The Wedding decor that you choose can really set the tone for a beautiful, memorable wedding.

Doing your own wedding decor means that you have total control over the finished product AND you get to say, “I did this!” Which is even more important!

I’m not saying that it’s easy because you have to be very strict with your time. You don’t want to be doing the decor in a room when you should be getting your hair done or getting into your wedding clothes! Best thing to do is to have everything ready to put up and either have an army of friends to do it or negotiate with your venue to have them do it. Some venues will allow you to do it the day before but definitely check!

In the photo below, it’s obviously an outdoor wedding which is brave in the UK but not unheard of!

They have used very simple strings of fairy lights (get battery powered and they should last about 8 hours) and those cheap paper lanterns with battery powered tea lights inside. Tea lights and fairy lights come in different colours so think about what suits your style.


Here below they have just used some big, round , white helium balloons and let them float up to the tented ceiling. I think it looks really effective but maybe I would have gone for some colour… Then again, it’s whatever you want for your day, don’t let me tell you what to do!


If your wedding venue is just beautiful on it’s own like a gorgeous draped marquee, then how about just putting greenery in to set it off? In the photo below they have bought/ hired small trees with attractive foliage and put them in nice pots. I think it looks fantastic and compliments the white backdrop. It’s also not that expensive!


Want to do create your own seating plan? There are loads of ideas from luggage labels stuck onto a canvas to a hand written one on a mirror.

How about something a little bit different?


At the wedding pictured above, they have used different picture frames arranged on a table with some flowers to encourage guests to sign the guest book.

I think it would look great as a seating plan with each table in a different frame.

This could be done well in advance and you can use the frames afterwards as a memory of your wedding. You can find frames anywhere but I do get a bit tired of people telling me to look through vintage shops etc because I find that they are quite expensive and it can be hard to get a bargain.

You could ask around family and friends for spare frames or you could just get them from Ikea!




There’s nothing like candlelight to set the mood.

Tea lights in jars are a great, cheap way of bringing some magic to the evening.

I would put small coloured stones or gravel in the bottom of the jars and nestle the tea lights in but you don’t have to. Hung around outside a venue looks great but remember to ask if you can use real flames. You don’t want your 18th century barn burning to the ground before you’ve even cut the cake! Just use battery powered tea lights instead.


Something very simple and effective… Balloons. Some people hate them but you have to admit, they are cheap! Also, in the background of the above photo is a wedding arch. This is soooooo easy to make and looks great!

All you have to do is get a metal garden arch.

They are really inexpensive.

Put the four legs into gravel filled pots so it stays upright and then wrap it in fairy lights and voile!

Finally, you could just throw rose petals around the tables and walk away! Job done!

Wedding Cake

Good luck to all you wedding DIY ninjas!



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