The Best FREE Wedding Invitation Templates

Free? Free stuff to do with weddings? Is that even possible?

Well, yes!

There are some lovely companies that offer free downloadable templates (and then try to flog you their paid ones, fair enough).

Good for them and good for you!

All you have to do is find one you like, download it as a pdf, edit it and print it off!

Easy and cost effective so why not have a look and see if you like any.

Follow the links below to four of the best companies that will give you free stuff! Yay!

Here is a lovely one from Love and Lavender but make sure you scroll down their list because there are more free ones further on.

free wedding invitation download

The next one has loads of free templates and printables thanks to the lovely people at Wedding Chicks

I’ll put to one side my raging jealousy at the fact that these people are getting married in Hawaii. (Sad face)

free wedding invitation download

So the next one, courtesy of Boho Weddings, is actually only one download but it has a great tutorial on what to do with the invitations once you’ve printed them so everyone’s a winner!

free wedding template

I think I’m in love with the next one because I didn’t fall in love with one of the designs and then find that it wasn’t one of the free ones! Thanks, Pintable Invitation Kits!

free wedding invitation



Happy browsing through all the free wedding invitation designs… Perhaps have a glass of wine next to you!





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