How To Get Perfect Skin On Your Wedding Day

Wedding make up is so nerve wracking! Especially if you’re going DIY!

So many brides are worried that their skin will look rubbish on their wedding day and that it’s going to ruin their photos.

They are worried about dark circles under their eyes or dry flaky skin and that if they’ve decided to do their own make up that they won’t get that professional look.

Everyone wants that perfect, flawless glow…. Everyday. That would be amazing but probably not practical for us mere mortals.

HOWEVER on your one special day it’s totally going to happen. Most advice given to brides is to have plenty of sleep and drink loads of water. Well drinking water is easy enough, but lots of sleep? Before your wedding? Ha Ha! That’s a good one!

Don’t panic though, all is not lost!

flawless wedding skin

Here are my tips which anyone can do to really help improve your skin ready for your big day… And after if you want to, why not!

  • Surprise, surprise…. Drink lots of water! I know it’s not rocket science but it does work. I find that if I carry a water bottle with me everywhere, it becomes habit to drink more.
  • Gentle exfoliation on the face works wonders! You don’t have to buy expensive products, just use a flannel and warm water and gently rub the skin. Don’t do the under eye area because that bit is too delicate but the cheeks, forehead, chin, jaw line and around the nose is what you’re aiming for. Do this twice a week.
  • Obvious one, but hey ho, make sure you wash off your make up at night.
  • Also, make sure you take your make up off before you exercise because your make up mixes with sweat and clogs up your pores.
  • Wear a lightweight Sun cream even if you’re indoors because sun damage can occur through windows too.
  • Cut down on sugar. (another obvious one, sorry!)
  •  Green Tea is packed with anti-oxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties. Drinking one cup a day will really help reduce horrible break outs.
  • Change your pillow case often because the oil from your hair gets on there and then you rub your face all over it!
  • I’m going to go controversial on  this last one….. and it really depends on how much commitment you’re willing to put in… Here goes…. Go vegan. It doesn’t have to be forever just for a few months up to your wedding. Your skin will feel amazing and it’s great for weight loss too! I highly, highly recommend this!

You’ll notice I didn’t put ‘get lots of sleep’ on the list because that’s hilarious. You could try though?

So you’ve done all the above (or you haven’t and you want a quick and easy cheat to amazing skin). Here are some products that you can just slap on and get such amazing results so that you will have photos of yourself that you’ll want to put on Facebook, Instagram, your dining room wall, your thank you cards, mugs, flyers and a fifty foot banner at your local shopping centre.

Let me share a little secret with you lovely people.

Not my secret, but the secrets of the amazing professional make up artist to the stars, Alexa Rudulfo.  According to her, these are the five must have products to make sure your skin is perfect before you even have your make up done. Even the most expert make up artist will have their work cut out if you have dull skin and big dark circles under your eyes from too much wedding DIYing at midnight!

Before I reveal these life changing products, I will warn you that some of them are quite pricey. Saying that, on your wedding day you’re not going to just be snapping a few selfies. You’re probably going to be paying hundreds of pounds to a professional photographer and remember, your wedding photos will be some of the most important pictures in your life. Also, You deserve it! You’ve been planning for months!

Give these products a go for a glowing, flawless complexion.

Once you see your wedding photos, you’ll be glad you did!

The fist product is the amazing Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery PowerFoil Mask (phew! That’s a mouthful!). You use this on the night before your wedding. A fantastic rejuvenating face mask, Powerfoil is a high performance treatment that works to instantly renew and refresh the skin whilst simultaneously covering it in a protective barrier. Yay! Rich in hyaluronic acid, it provides fast and deep reaching results, locking moisture into the skin for beautifully smooth and hydrated skin. Now doesn’t that sound nice! Why not Check it out here

On a related note, so this isn’t technically the second product but if you REALLY want to splurge out and take pampering yourself to another level there is the option of the super duper, turbo charged Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery PowerFoil Mask. I would reserve this as a strictly ‘night before the biggest day of my life’ type treatment because of the price but you can always Check it out here and decide for yourself!

So this is definitely the second product and not only does everyone need this right this second, but you can breath much easier over the price tag! It’s the La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water. You spritz this on your face before using your moisturiser and it makes your skin feel and look dewy. Just what you want!

Check it out here so you can buy one immediately!

Product three and we’re racing through our list!

This one is apparently the ‘secret weapon’ of professional make up artists. Another pricey one but worth every penny for that pro look that we’re all after.

Presenting….. Natura Bissé Diamond Drops!

I’ve often wondered how celebrities get that perfect glowing skin that seems to radiate from underneath their foundation and now I know.

Now you’re in on the secret too so check it out here!

 Product four and we’re well on our way!

So here we might just very well have the world’s most waterproofest (yes, I know that’s not a real word) mascara. Apparently it doesn’t smudge, you can cry buckets of tears and even go swimming with it and it will not remove itself from your eye lashes! Perfect as bridal mascara when you might have your pictures later on in the day and you still want to look fresh as a daisy! So check it out here and grab yourself one!

Last, but not least, we have the mandatory Ella International Lipchic Lipstick Sealer.  It’s 100% botanical formula basically turns your own lipstick into smudge-proof, eat-proof, totally kiss-proof perfect all day lip colour and prevents feathering too (which is nasty and always happens to me!)! It Contains no ink, dye, chemicals or petroleum and each application lasts 8+ hours! Can you really do without it?  Check it out here and make sure your lipstick stays on  your lips!

So that’s it my lovely wedding DIY ninjas!

Give these a go and stop worrying about your skin on your wedding day.

You will look radiant!

Share this post wherever you can and let’s spread the word!


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