Things You Need For Your DIY Wedding

If you’re trying to save money by having a DIY wedding, where do you even start?

Well, the first thing is to decide exactly how DIY you’re going to go. Do you want to make everything from scratch or just put things together on the day just how you like?

I suppose you could answer this buy answering the following questions…

  • Are you sewing your own wedding dress?
  • Are you growing your wedding flowers?
  • Will you be making your own paper out of rose petals for the invitations?

You’d really have to be quite hard core to be doing all of that but most people will do a bit of making from scratch and a bit of buying some things that look pretty.

diy wedding

All you have to do is to decide on the look and feel that you are going for.

The easiest look to go for is the rustic/country/home made look which would look great in any kind of barn or village hall type setting.

Obviously you can’t make everything yourself, for example if you’re having jars filled with fairy lights then you can’t start glass blowing lessons (well, you could I suppose, but that really is going above and beyond!) so you will need to purchase some of the basics.

Here is a list of really useful products that will make your life so much easier. They are all available on Amazon and get sent straight to your door! Easy Peasy!

Going for the country look? Drinks dispensers are the thing to have! You really don’t want plastic bottles of Tesco value lemonade in your wedding photos, just decant them into this, slice a few lemons and limes and bobs your Uncle, gorgeous photo worthy drinks section! This one below comes with a stand which is really handy so people don’t have to crouch down under the table to get a drink! Check it out HERE

diy wedding 2

Next is your DIY wedding lighting. Soooo important to create the look and feel that you want. Check out these lights below. Not too pricey and totally waterproof so you can submerge them into your DIY floating flowers or floating candles or whatever you like! Check it out HERE

diy wedding 3

More lighting here, perfect for disguising an ugly village hall wall or just to put up behind the top table. Check it out HERE

diy wedding 5

This next one is not very exciting to look at but it has endless possibilities to make your wedding look amazing! Yes, it’s more lighting but you don’t have to use all the lighting ideas on this page, just choose your favourite.

When I found these, it blew my mind.

These little lights are to put INSIDE PAPER LANTERNS AND BALLOONS!!!!!!!

You know all those beautiful Pinterest pictures of gorgeous white balloons that seem to glow with beauty and romance? These little lights are the reason why and you will never get that look without them. If you decide to go down to Tesco and pick up a pack of five balloons for a £1, they just won’t look the same.

You can also hide these little lights inside floral displays which would look amazing, especially in the evening! Check it out HERE

diy wedding 9

Table numbers anyone? You can totally decorate these any way you like…. cover them in glitter or in fabric or paint them to match your wedding colours or you could just leave them white! Either way these are really versatile and will fit into any theme.

Check it out HERE

diy wedding 4


Paper Pompoms!! These are right on trend at the moment. You could go on Youtube and watch lots of tutorials on how to make them out of tissue paper or you could just buy them and hang them.

Don’t forget to check out the little lights that you can put inside them and make them glow!!

Check it out HERE

diy wedding 7

Natural, rustic wedding anyone?

How about those log slices that are everywhere on Pinterest and all the wedding magazines?

You can use them as a base for your wedding table centrepieces and they really look pretty with a few simple staged items on them like a small posy of flowers or a birdcage style floral arrangement. Lots of people put their wedding cakes on a wooden slice and it looks great, especially if the cake is a rustic style like a naked cake. Check it out HERE

diy wedding 8

Wooden heart drop boxes instead of guest books have been popular for a while and are still going strong. You would have to be pretty handy to make one yourself so you might as well let an expert make it and just buy one for yourself!

Check it out HERE

diy wedding 10

I know you knew this next one was coming…. You had to have known….


Yes, jars are EVERYWHERE! Don’t get me wrong, I love jars! You can use them for so many things so here are a few possibilities….

Making your own favours? Jars. You can fill them with anything you like, like sweets or homemade jam Check them out HERE

diy wedding 11

Providing your own sweet table? Jars. Check it out HERE

diy wedding 12

Want to put tealights in jars and hang them outside the venue? Jars… Well obviously. Remove the lids, wrap sturdy wire around the top of the jar and loop it for a handle. Then put a few a few decorative stones (heat proof ) in the base and then pop in your tea light! These jars are for jam but they are much cheaper than buying something specific for the job and they work the same way! Or… you could fill them with battery powered fairy lights and that really looks magical! Check it out HERE!

diy wedding 13

Burlap and lace has been really popular for quite a few seasons and loads of brides still want that rustic look softened with lace for their table runners. You will see wedding tablescapes pictured all over magazines and Pinterest using the burlap and lace as a table runner. Of course you don’t have to use this design, there are loads of table runners that will set off your theme. There are hundreds of different colours and loads of different materials. If you want a neon pink runner make of silk, go for it! Check it out HERE!

diy wedding 14


If you want to make your own DIY wedding centrepieces, then we have a great page for you to see with ideas, instructions and where to get the things you’ll need. It’s easier than you think so READ IT HERE!



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