5 Top Unusual Wedding Favours

We’ve all been to weddings and had the same wedding favours again and again. I have a drawer full of wedding cake shaped candles, bubbles in the shape of hearts and those weird penny sized heart shaped tokens that are engraved with the bride and groom’s name and the wedding date. What even are those? Nobody knows.

How about something different?

How about something that people will want to take home and cherish, something that will bring a smile to everyone’s face!

That’s what it’s all about, not miniature bride and groom hedgehog ornaments! (yes, this has happened).

Here is a list of 5 quirky and original wedding favours that would be fantastic to give on your wedding day to your favourite people.

favours 13

Have a read and click on the link if you want to buy them!

 The Little Box Of Happiness  This is such a great idea for wedding favours! £3.56 per box






The little box of happiness includes

  • A plaster to heal you when you hurt
  • A love heart so you know someone loves you
  • A rubber to erase those little mistakes you make
  • A diamond to bring a sparkle to your eye
  • A marble for when you start losing yours
  • A lucky bean so you always have luck on your side
  • A coin so you are never completely broke
  • A star to wish all your wishes upon
  • A paper clip so you are always organised.Obviously this can easily be made as a DIY wedding favour but if you just want to buy it then there’s no shame in that! GET IT HERE!



Wedding Favour Fortune Cookies – This is a really fun idea for wedding favours! £35.00 for 50 fortune cookies


These fortune cookie wedding favours have wedding icebreaker fortunes so that the whole table can get to know each other. You can also get ones with trivia questions in so your Uncle Kevin can show off his general knowledge to all your friends! I’m pretty sure you can make fortune cookies and even put your own fortunes in them specific for each guest, which would be an amazing idea but if you just want to buy them GET IT HERE



Share a shot! Why not treat your guests to a shot of your favourite drink! £0.99 per shot

This particular shot in a bottle is only  99p so it’s really cost effective to share a shot with all your friends and family! Buy it here!

favours 9

This would be a great way to liven up a party and this is certainly the sort of wedding favour that doesn’t get left behind! You’d have to sort something out for any kids that were at the wedding or people who are driving or just don’t drink but I still think this is a great idea for the majority of guests!

You could always make your own alcoholic wedding favours and use these little bottles which would be a lovely touch.

If you just want to buy your wedding favour shots? GET IT HERE!



Mini Ketchup  

How cute for all your guests to have a teeny tiny jar of their very own yummy ketchup! £7.99 for 24 mini jars


There are lots of flavours available in these cute mini jars, like brown sauce and hot mustard so why not BUY IT HERE! OR…. You could make your favourite condiment or jam, put it these little jars, add a pretty label and you’re good to go!



So we’re on our last unusual wedding favour for this list. I’m going to finish with one that is such a good idea that it should have been first on the list but maybe it’s better to finish with a grand ending…..

Some of the big charities will provide a lovely card with a lapel pin attached, for each of your guests. there is obviously a donation but it is such a nice gesture that I think everyone should do this.

Here is the link for the Dog’s Trust wedding favour page.

favours 12

Or how about this one for Cancer Research?

favours 13

Whatever you choose for your wedding favours, trying to think of something unusual is the best way to go because you don’t want your wedding to be just like everyone elses! You’re an individual and unique couple and you will show that to the world through your choice of wedding favours if it’s the last thing you do!!!! OK, so that’s a bit dramatic.

Good luck to all you wedding ninjas out there!



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