DIY Wedding Centrepiece

Have a look through some of these fantastic wedding centrepieces. Some of them are so easy that all you have to do is put a flowering plant from the garden centre into a nice pot and that’s it! You could tie some ribbon around the pot if you’re feeling fancy!


For this ‘Hot Air Balloon’ centrepiece, all you need is…

  • A basket
  • A balloon
  • Ribbon
  • Some floral foam
  • Roses

You can paint the basket any colour you like, even glitter it with gold if that takes your fancy! I painted this one grey to match the brides colour scheme. All you have to do is make sure the basket has a lining (or line it yourself with plastic) and put some pre-soaked floral foam in it. Cut your roses fairly short and push the stems into the floral foam. Then, blow up your balloon and hold it in place by tying it down with  your ribbon. It is so effective and easy. Each centrepiece should only take about 10 mins once you have your supplies. Why not get a production line going with your friends and family?

It really is that simple!

This centrepiece was ridiculously easy but it looks amazing!!

All I did was plant some succulents into a vintage serving bowl. All it took was a trip to the garden centre where they sold different succulents in one big multi pack. After separating the succulents I popped some normal potting compost into the bowl and nestled the succulents into it. Once everything was looking just how I wanted, I got a sparkly brooch, placed it on top and pushed the pin down into the soil to keep it in place. You could put your succulents into anything you like! How about a deep picture frame that you take the glass out of and seal with PVA glue? That’s what I did in the picture below this one. Take a look!


For this one I chose a different colour brooch and different base but it was pretty much the same easy process.

village hall wedding

How about this one? I literally bought a fern and put it in a white pot. You could do this standing on your head, just don’t drive to the garden centre like that!

wedding flowers planted centerpiece

Speaking (well, writing, really) of buying a plant and putting it in a pot, how about these ones because I pretty much did that with these too!


The first one is a chrysanthemum, the second is an orchid and the third is a saxifrage. The look depends on the pot you choose. Rustic? Go for terracotta. Elegant? Go for glass or ceramic. Quirky? Go for a tea cup!

Staying with the ‘buy it and put it in a pot theme’, you can go a little bit further with it and wrap the pot in fabric or embellish the flowers with jewels or butterflies. How about making your table numbers on a stick and pushing them into the pot? Have a look at what I did in the pictures below.


Want something a bit more quirky but still easy? Check out this photo below. All I did was buy some small pumpkins/squashes from the supermarket, scooped out the insides and planted some heather and chrysanthemums in them. They are all available during Autumn so work well with a wedding at that time of the year.

ferndale 32

Moving on to something a bit more nerve wracking and only for the bravest among us. You will have to actually plant something and keep it alive until your wedding. Through frosts and drought and locusts… Well, maybe not locusts but you never know!

Have a look at the photo below and see if you think it’s worth the sleepless nights…


Here you have some trailing lobelia – Cambridge blue and some antirrhinum – tutti fruity that I planted as seedlings. Yes, it was ridiculously stressful but I loved how it turned out. It was for an English country garden wedding. I just got the seedlings from the garden centre and kept them watered and loved for about 2 months or so. Have a look at the photo below of how they started life…

Planted wedding centerpieces

How about this next one?

Looks amazing but easy peasy!

ferndale 3

All you need for this is…

  • A lantern
  • A few flowers that you like and some greenery
  • Floral foam


All I did was cut out a piece of floral foam, a bit smaller than the base of the lantern and about three centimetres deep and after soaking it, pushed it down on the base of the inside of the lantern. It was perfect because it was a tealight lantern so the raised edges of the tealight holder inside the lantern held the floral foam in place. Then I trimmed the flowers and greenery to about two centimetres and pushed their stems into the wet floral foam until I was happy with the look. I added some blackberries to the arrangement because it was mid summer and I thought it looked nice.

You can keep the flowers spilling out of the lantern or just have them inside and close the little door, it’s up to you. Looks great either way!

The next one is similar

diy wedding

All you need for this one is

  • A copper bowl
  • Selection of flowers and greenery
  • Floral foam

Again, pre-soak the floral foam and sit it in the copper bowl. Give the flowers a fresh cut and push the stems into the floral foam in an arrangement that you like! Looks great and can be done the day before with no problems.

So I’ve saved the easiest floral centrepiece for last!


For the photo above, the things you will need are…

  • Glass bowl
  • Flowers of your choice
  • Water

So maybe you’ve guessed what I did? You probably have.

All I did was put the water in the glass bowl, cut the heads off the flowers and floated them in the water. You could put floating candles in there too if you like.

So basic floral centrepieces are all very well but what if you don’t like flowers or have chronic hay fever?

Maybe you should go for non floral centrepieces instead?

If anything these are even easier and cheaper



What you need to get this balloony look is…

  • Big balloons
  • Rubber bands
  • Voile
  • Ribbon
  • Balloon weight

All you have to do is get the balloons filled with helium. Cover the balloons with a length of voile, making sure there’s enough to cover the balloon and some left over to gather a ‘tail’. Secure the ‘tail’ of voile in place withe the rubber band and wrap it in ribbon to disguise it. Decide what height you want the balloons and tie a weight at the end to sit on the table.

That’s it, job done.

You could do the same but without the voile like in the picture below..

diy wedding

How about just having some sweets on the table? Then everyone can have on as their favour!

diy wedding

You could have sweets like the ones above or candy canes or how about giant lollipops!

All you need is…

  • A big glass bowl
  • Sweets!

How about just candles?


Very elegant and understated

All you need is….

  • Candle holders/candelabra
  • Candles

Continuing on the candle theme but something a little more beachy…

diy wedding

You could do this whole look or you could just do the floating candles in the glass container with pebbles. Instead of pebbles you could use glass beads or coloured stones.

To get this look all you will need is…

  • Glass containers
  • Floating candles
  • Glass beads or decorative stones

For the whole look you will also need…

  • A tray or base
  • White sand
  • Decorative shells/starfish (preferably fake because the real ones are just dead starfish that have been dried and that is gross)

Are we getting a bit silly here or should we go into the realm of fruit?

diy wedding

Makes me feel a bit opulent like I’m a Roman noble woman but anyway, make your own mind up.

All you need for this is…

  • A tiered serving tower
  • Fruit (and lots of it!)

There are so many ideas so why not follow us on Pinterest for loads more!