Could You Save Money On Your Wedding With Poundland?!

As your wedding day gets closer, your bank account gets smaller. The venue, the food, the dress it racks up pretty fast and can run into £1000’s. So you’ve managed to secure your dream venue and have handed over a wad of cash.

What now?

How about nipping down to Poundland to deck the place out with all the decorations you could need!

save money on wedding
(photo source Poundland)

Some people might run a mile, but the Poundland wedding range isn’t actually that bad at all and if you’re going to save yourself some money then where’s the harm?

I think it’s a great idea!

The Poundland wedding range will include shabby chic signs, invitations, wedding planners and bunting (I might have to go out right now and get some for my garden!) and lots more stuff that you just have to go and take a look at. Please bear in mind before  you go rushing down there in your hoards, that the Poundland wedding range is only available in larger stores. (sad face)

save money wedding
(Photo source Poundland)

The Poundland wedding range will also include lots of accessories for your wedding decor AND a bouquet! I know it’s obviously faux flowers but put some real greenery from the garden round it and I think it will look lovely and it’s……

ALL FOR £1!!!!!!!


Have fun searching for bargains and good luck to all the wedding ninjas out there!


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